The Great Wall Series

Over many years the Great Wall of China has been a constant source of inspiration for Jim’s paintings. Like the wall itself, constructed, built and rebuilt over many centuries, his Great wall series is made up of many interwoven and interlinked pieces, each different, but each forming part of a monumental whole.

Like many other artists who focus on a single subject in many guises, Jim’s Great Wall paintings portray a depth of understanding and empathy.  Subtle changes of colour, form and approach over time map the artists changing relationship with his subject.

While Jim does paint other subjects he returns again and again to his fascination with the Great Wall, almost as if it is his personal symbol.

4 thoughts on “The Great Wall Series

  1. I do like these images. They remind me of aerial perspectives of vast landscapes with ancient rivers crawling through them. Reminiscent of flying in over ares such as the Katherine River or Arnhem Land. :).

  2. I really like this series. As a Geographer, they remind me a lot of some of my favourite landscapes; aerial images of vast regions with ancient rivers cutting through them. They remind me of flying in over the Katherine River or the Arnhem Land Plateau where the rivers have carved angular paths through the rock.

    1. Hi Brad,
      I have left the markets and work mainly on commission nowadays. I do have a few paintings in my studio if you wanted to have a look at them…but I am not showing anywhere else. Give me a call if you like 0404 090 567. Cheers mate…nice to hear from you again.
      regards Jim

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